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Was unsere Kunden sagen über uns

Petra and  Hans

April 1st, 2022 we moved into our dream home in “The Hills”. We have bought and sold
many houses on different continents before, but for the first time in a country where we do
not speak the language. We are counting ourselves so lucky to have been introduced to Avv. Massimiliano De Benetti and Dott. Davide Toubai Babazadeh.
Never ever have we experienced such wonderful support and professional advice, which made the purchase a smooth and enjoyable experience to us. Max was always available to us, and provided not only his professional advice but also translated everything into English and shared his valuable insight into living in the Euganean Hills. Max has our complete trust and power of attorney for the finalization of the sale, money transfer, and our bank account.
Now that our professional relationship is coming to an end, we are so glad that we have become friends in the process, and can share our love for good food, homemade meals, family, local wine, interesting dinner conversations, and dogs, of course.

Dr. Hans and Petra Mosberg


We were so lucky to find Massimiliano (Max). Being in Australia it was great to have such a knowledgeable, reliable and caring person to help us thru the sale process. Nothing was every any trouble for Max, he was very patient with us and went out of his way to make sure that we understood the legal process. I can highly recommend Massimiliano De Benetti and his team, they are extremely professional and trustworthy.

Anita Lewis – Wollongong, Australia


“We found Massimiliano (Max) to be trustworthy, reliable, professional and a fantastic negotiator. If you are looking for legal representation in Italy and someone you can trust Max is your man! My mother, was involved in a very complicated family property dispute in Milan which was very stressful and difficult to manage from Australia, despite knowing the Australian law. After years of spending a significant amount of money on other legal professionals in Italy, Max came to our family’s rescue and found a successful and fast resolution to a complicated dispute. The moment we were introduced to Max we knew we were in good hands. We could not have survived this experience without his knowledge of the law and his patience with us. I would have no hesitation in recommending Max and his firm.”

Megan O'Donohue


I was introduced to Max and his Firm by an English contact, and they far exceeded my expectations. As well as being able to answer my innumerable questions, they were far more responsive than my English lawyers ever have been. Max even flew to a meeting where I needed him, that involved a thousand mile detour from his schedule. Cannot imagine any of my English lawyers ever doing that! I cannot recommend Max highly enough.

Jonathan Whymark


Fueled by Campari and romance, I bought a semi-derelict apartment in Venice. The best idea in the world until you wake from the poetic reverie and find yourself back in New York, staring at a litany of anxieties and all sorts of official looking stuff written in Italian. Honestly, the only way to get it all done without Massimiliano is to actually be Massimiliano. My journey through the happy Inferno has included such delights as the owner collapsing and dying in the street after signing the purchase agreement; followed by protracted negotiations with an array of heirs, rumours of debtors in Casablanca, lost passports, apostilles, plagues of frogs. Without Massimiliano's deeply Italian, canny, guidance I'd never have made it. I'd be broke and the apartment would be yawning like a missing tooth in the face of Dorsoduro. Italy is the nation of Tosca, Rigoletto, Norma; why this is the case becomes transparently clear when you buy an apartment there. At the beginning and the end, it's a beautiful thing. For all the bits in between you need Massimiliano.

Julian Richards


We are now completely settled into our beautiful apartment in Venice, having been expertly guided through the legal aspects of the purchase by Avv. Massimiliano De Benetti. Massimiliano had been involved in the process right from the start, and was always helpful when it came to translating contracts, making sure we understood everything which we were signing, explaining each step of what can seem like a complicated undertaking. He speaks English very well and has a lovely sense of patience - no question is unimportant or trivial, and everything is calmly and honestly explained. We were not able to be in Italy for the exchange of contracts on our property, and so Massimiliano was able to help us arrange Power of Attorney and sign contracts on our behalf - again, this potentially worrying process was clearly explained and expertly carried out. If you are considering buying property in Italy, then we would absolutely recommend working with the delightful Massimiliano and his team.

James Lowry


In 2009, when first asking Mr De Benetti to represent me, I had spent the past few years on the receiving end of legal advice which, albeit often excellent, ultimately proved dangerously inconsistent. Mr De Benetti combines sound legal analysis and attention to detail with pragmatism and diplomacy. While shrewd, he is honest. Relentless in the execution of the task at hand, he has a mischievous sense of humor, able to use the counterpart’s oversight as leverage in the negotiations ahead, without ever forgetting to treat everyone with dignity. In conclusion, although there was never any doubt that I would win the case, Mr De Benetti took what in less capable hands might easily have proven a Pyrrhic victory and transformed it into a beautiful solution.

Eva Franz – Sweden

Malcom & Rosemary

We were first impressed with the law firm of Avv. Massimiliano De Benetti by the efficiency and expertise of their legal work on the purchase of our apartment in Calabria. When we later asked for assistance with a tenant problem Avv. Massimiliano De Benetti met the tenant personally and resolved it quickly and professionally. We considered this to be outstanding service. We very highly recommend him and his law firm for their expert legal advice and total professionalism and know we can rely on them for the best legal assistance.

Malcolm and Rosemary Cocksedge (UK) - email:


"When my wife and I decided to buy a property in Italy, we were referred to Mr De Benetti through a real estate firm specializing in selling Italian property to foreigners. Although we did not use the broker, we retained the contact to Mr De Benetti for the property we ultimately bought. It was not an uncomplicated transaction, with a Seller who was a) also foreign, b) too cheap to hire a lawyer himself and c) had cut corners in the renovation works and local Comune approval process. The result was that a transaction which should have been straightforward became quite messy. Mr De Benetti was instrumental in working with & cajoling the Seller, the appropriate authorities, and the Comune in getting the deal done, even after the Notary had expressed her frustration that she no longer wanted to deal with the Seller! Ultimately the deal got done, everything is now legally registered with the Comune, and we can enjoy the property. We can unreservedly recommend his services."

Thomas. Z. (Switzerland)

Jacqueline  & Christopher

" Jacky and I have used Massimiliano De Benetti for a variety of legal procedures in Italy over the last 7 years including the complex purchase of a derelict property in the Veneto, the sale of a property in Italy and all the associated legal procedures in connection with these transactions. We have found him to be unfailingly honest, thorough and efficient in these matters and we have no hesitation in recommending him. Additionally, as non Italians we have found his detailed translations of Italian legal documents to be especially useful. "

Jacqueline and Christopher Gawne (UK) - email:

Richard & Suzette

My husband and myself bought a property in Venice for a holiday rental at the end of 2010 and we would highly recommend using Massimiliano De Benetti of De Benetti & Co when buying a property in Italy. He made the purchasing process a simple and straightforward business and also helped us with the initial negotiations over the purchase price. He could not have made it easier for us. We are very satisfied customers!

Richard & Suzette Colson, London (UK) - email:


'De Benetti law firm dealt with all of the legal aspects of buying a property in the Veneto area of Italy. The service was superb and even though I live in England I did not once have any worries about how things were proceding. Massimiliano dealt with everything and all I needed to do was sign the necessary documents and arrange tranfer of funds. The process could not have been more easy thanks to Massimiliano. I could not have asked for a better service with good value for money and actually I feel I received assistance above and beyond what I was charged for'.

Rebecca Bancroft, Manchester (UK)


Max and his team provided a superb service in respect of my recent property purchase in Venice. His advice was clear and concise and he explained the nuances of the contractual arrangements in great detail.

Jonathan Lloyd, London (UK) - email:

Janet and Jonathan

I had tried five different Avvocato’s before being recommended Massimiliano.

From the very first meeting it was evident that Max was highly competent, experienced and knowledgeable in legal matters pertaining to our situation.

Immediately I felt confident we were in good hands. 

Max was now providing the strategic direction, in a systematic, logical, and structured way.

If only I had known of Max earlier it would have perhaps saved a lot of unnecessary stress.

I would highly recommend his services.

Janet & Jonathan Harris

Barbara & Daniel

Buying property in Italy can be complicated and as foreigners we could not have gone through the purchasing process without Massimiliano's support. He was always highly professional, trustworthy, reliable, knowledgable and he is a good and charming communicator. His ability to communicate in fluent English and translate complex Italian legal documents was essential. Even after the completion of the purchase he continues to provide advice and assistance, i.e. registration of residency, etc. and we will certainly make use of Massimiliano's services again and would unhesitatingly recommend him to anyone who wishes to buy property and/or requires an English speaking lawyer in Italy.

Barbara & Daniel C. Rohr, Switzerland



We were introduced to Max through our English agent and from our first email exchanges Max instilled us with great confidence thanks to his thorough attention to detail and warm and professional manner. Throughout the purchase of our apartment in Como Max demonstrated a rigorous and comprehensive approach ensuring he kept us breast of developments during the process. Max has a great sense of humour and quickly put us at easy whilst managing some of the more tricky detail during our purchase. I would highly recommend Max to anyone buying a property in Italy.

Daniel Halloway


Massimiliano was recommended to us when we were in the process of buying our apartment in Venice. Right from the start we were reassured by his promptness and professionalism. We live in New Zealand so once the property had been decided on, everything was long distance except the final signing. All documents were sent to us in Italian and English so we knew exactly what was required of us and we were kept up to date constantly. Massimiliano took us through the Italian Notary system which we were not used to and knew exactly how to manage a potential hiccup at the last minute guiding us through it very easily. We both have complete faith in him and have no problem recommending him wholeheartedly.

Robyn Mulgrew and Nick Simich


'My wife and I had seen a house on Lake Como that we wanted to purchase but as foreigners we wanted the right person to represent our interests in the buying process. We were introduced to Max through a mutual contact in our home town. The buying process in Italy can sometimes be complicated but from the moment we met Max, we felt secure that he was the right person for us. Max is trustworthy, reliable, knowledgable, a good communicator and a wonderful character who made the whole process much more straight foward than we anticipated.’

Marco Arrigoni


I have only good words to say about Max and his firm. Totally professional, efficient and very charming. Incredibly Max did all the final financial negotiations with the owner of the flat we wanted, while we were in the room next door. He was fabulous never heard of such service in the UK... I wish him the best continuous success.


Pascale Reymond

Silas & Sara

'We were first introduced to Avv. Massimiliano De Benetti through a third party property agent based in the UK to assist us in acquiring a holiday let apartment in Lago Maggiore Northern Italy, 2010. Our appreciation of the Italian language is at best described as ‘entry level’ so to discover Max who has a good command of both the English and Italian law was a huge benefit. Finding such a person certainly helped sooth our nerves of buying abroad. Our overall experience of using the services of Avv. Massimiliano De Benetti from offer to completion was professional, efficient and competitive, so for these reasons alone we would not hesitate in recommending Max to any other potential clients.'

Silas and Sara Wilde

Northamptonshire, UK. (& Ghiffa, L.Maggiore, Italian Lakes) -


In October 2011 we followed our dream and bought an apartment in Venice. As Norwegian citizens we were not familiar with the Italian legal system processes and had been told that buying a property in Italy could prove difficult, time-consuming and demanding. Instead, the whole process turned out incredibly smooth and quick. This is owed to the invaluable legal assistance and advice from Avv. Massimiliano De Benetti. His strong competence combined with experience and friendliness guided us through all steps and made us feel very secure. He has promptly responded to all our questions - always trustworthy, patient and professional. We would highly recommend Avv. De Benetti and his services!

Ingeborg Dybvig and Oddbjørn Sørmoen, Oslo, Norway - email:


It is my great and real pleasure to recommend Mr. De Benetti's firm for legal advice in Italy. Two and a half years ago I bought an apartment in Giudecca, Venice and during this time I was able to appreciate Mr. De Benetti's high professionalism and efficiency. Thank to Mr. De Benetti's expertise, the process of buying an apartment abroad which seems so complicate and even frightful – was a clear, quick and above all a simple one. In the pleasure we get from having this apartment in Venice, we owe a great deal to Mr. De Benetti's competence.


Dr. Lydia Lerner, Israel - email:

Henrike  & Michael

Avv. Massimiliano De Benetti betreute uns vor, während und nach dem Kauf einer Immobilie in Venedig. Er führte kompetent und einfühlsam die schwierigen Verkaufsverhandlungen, entwarf sämtliche Verträge und begleitete uns professionell und sicher bis zum abschließenden Notar Termin. Auch nach dem Abschluss des Kaufes steht er uns weiterhin mit Rat und Tat zur Seite. Wir danken Avv. De Benetti und seinem Team für die wertvolle Unterstützung!

Avv. Massimiliano De Benetti assisted us before, during and after the purchase of a property in Venice. He led competently and with sensitivity the difficult sales negotiations, drafted all contracts and guided us professionally and safely to the exchange date. Even after the completion of the purchase he continues to provide advice and assistance. We thank Avv. De Benetti and his team for their valuable support!

Henrike und Michael Wochinger, Deutschland - email:


I count myself fortunate to have found and engaged Avv. De Benetti to represent me with a case of marital separation in Italy. Due to unusual circumstances I had just days to research and engage a lawyer with good knowledge of the process and a good level of english. Since my initial contact with Avv. De Benetti in 2009 I have been impressed by his quick understanding of the situation, attention to detail and sound advice in trying circumstances. I would recommend his services without reservation and am happy to discuss this with anyone considering engaging him professionally.

Andrew Booth - Founder and CEO of ABOUTAsia


Andrew & Alison

Massimiliano di Benetti, a fluent English speaker, provided us with an excellent and friendly legal service when we bought a property in the Euganean Hills. We couldn't have asked for a more competent and charming guide for leading us through the intricacies of an Italian property purchase. Matters proceeded smoothly from drawing up the initial purchase offer to the final contract signing. A couple of minor problems in the transaction were dealt with promptly by Massimiliano's professional and diplomatic intervention. We would certainly make use of Massimiliano's services again and would unhesitatingly recommend him to anyone who requires an English speaking lawyer in Italy.

Andrew and Alison Ruff (UK)


“When we decided to buy a property in Venice nearly 5 years ago, we were very fortunate to work with excellent people in terms of finding the right house, negotiating the purchase and finalising all of the necessary legal documentation. We could not even have started this complex and difficult process without the help, advice and knowledge of Massimiliano (Max) De Benetti. Since we bought the house, Max has remained in contact with us and has proved a good friend as well as a highly competent lawyer. I would recommend him highly”

J. H. - London (UK)

Kemi & Mark

We have just completed the purchase of an apartment in Padova, and thanks to the first-rate service from De Benetti & Co. the whole process was smooth and stress-free.

We consider ourselves very fortunate to have been introduced to Max and his team who guided us gently but firmly through each step. The idea of doing this transaction from the UK without this kind of local, professional support would have been daunting to say the least. 


There were specific things that Max did which built our confidence in him and in our proposed transaction.  He started off by going to inspect the property before agreeing to take on our commission.   He then set an early date for exchange of contracts which meant that, once we had paid the deposit, we had a high degree of confidence that the purchase would go through.  The risk associated with early exchange was managed by setting conditions that had to be met prior to completion and Max and his team followed through to ensure that these were all covered off before we signed the final contracts.  Having the contracts translated into English and being taken through them by Davide was also very helpful. 


Both Max and Davide were accessible, friendly and very kind, giving advice and assistance well beyond the normal scope for legal support.  We will certainly be using them to help us in our future interactions with the Italian authorities.

Kemi & Mark 


Massimiliano de Benetti has helped me purchase a home in Venice and worked closely with me for the past 3 years. In that time he has been extremely helpful, always professional and prompt with any need that has arisen. Massimiliano has gone out of his way for me, his client, in ways I would not have expected but have been delighted about – taking time from his own employees to help me and giving up his free time to go out of his way during the purchasing and setting up of my Venetian home. I say without reservation that I could not have gone through this process of purchasing a home in Italy without him. I am very grateful and happy to say that his support has not ended with the purchase but has continued far beyond. When problems have occurred as they inevitably do, Max has been willing to help in any way to contact the relevant people and act on my behalf. This support is invaluable and so reassuring when one has a property in another country. I cannot recommend Massimiliano highly enough and feel very blessed to have his expertise and friendship.

Linda Little


Massimiliano has integrity, honesty, professionalism, expertise and charm.


He is understanding and considerate. Massimiliano is the man you must have to resolve issues, decipher complex documentation, charm difficult people and achieve the result you want, not the results the situation thrusts upon you.


Italy is wonderful, beautiful, splendid, but it's legal system is a maze of indecipherable documents, 'go slow' events and surprising issues.

To calm, to resolve, and to achieve completion, Massimiliano is imperative.

Donata O'Donohue


'My wife and I recently purchased a home in Puglia, and our UK-based agent suggested that Max would be the right person to represent our interests, and to help us negotiate the labyrinth that is the Italian legal process. She was 100 percent right! He was always highly professional and diligent, and his ability to translate complex Italian legal documents into understandable English was first class. But don't take my word for it. While we were in the Notaio's office, one of the legal secretaries whispered to me - off the record, of course - that Max was "one of the best around" and that we were fortunate to have him as our avvocato. You can't say better than that!’

Bill Sutton


We have found Max to be diligent and very efficient when he represented us with our Italian residency application and with the purchase of a property. I found it reassuring to have someone who always kept us informed of the situation with regular updates. He made himself available to meet us in person even though we were living in Southern Italy (Calabria) and he spends the majority of his time in Padova. When necessary he rang us on weekends to keep us reassured that he was working hard to keep the situation moving forward. He is professional in his approach and very personable. He always made sure all parties provided the necessary documentation in order to help us with our goals. He picked up on any potential pitfalls and swiftly averted any problems that may have caused problems for us in the future. I would recommend him wholeheartedly

Kevin Duddy


I was introduced to Avv. Massimiliano De Benetti when I was thinking of purchasing a property in The Euganean Hills. He organised everything; from presenting my initial offer to the vendors to closing the deal in record time. He has supervised the purchasing process with great care and attention to detail, ensuring that I was fully informed of the procedure at all times and has also smoothed my path towards living in Italy full time. Everything has gone without a hitch - I'd have to say on oiled wheels - and now, six months later, I have moved into my new home. I couldn't be happier and I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Avv. Massimiliano De Benetti to anybody needing an excellent attorney in Italy.

Orna O'Reilly

Andrew & Linda

Several years ago we decided to purchase an appartment in Venice. We were extremely fortunate to be introduced to Massimiliano De Benetti who guided us very professionally through a complex and difficult purchase. Without Max's help, total loyalty and perseverance on our behalf, the purchase would not have happened and we would not be experiencing the special times we are now able to spend in our favourite city in the world! He continues to advise us on all our legal matters in Venice and indeed more and we are proud to have him as our good friend and Lawyer. We would recommend his excellent services without hesitation.

Andrew + Linda Hurst, Cardiff, Wales. email:


"We first met Massimiliano de Benetti in 2009. His warm and very professional approach convinced us immediately that his help would be essential to plod our way through all legal and cultural intricacies during the process of buying our small townhouse in Dorsoduro - Venice. Hiring him as our lawyer made our experience a very smooth one as we could always be confident in his support and the accuracy of his judgment. We felt extremely secure although buying a property in a foreign country is supposed to be a very stressful initiative. We now have a house and a friend. We shall always be grateful to Massimiliano and his team for making our dream come true. "

Yamini Kumar, Paris (France)

Donald & Denise

We have been a client and friend of Massimiliano (Max) De Benetti since 2006. Over these last six years he has managed and guided us through the purchase of our property in the Euganean Hills outside Venice. He has adroitly handled all legal, financial and property matters for us with more personal attention and enthusiasm than we could have ever anticipated or even hoped. He remains committed to our project, our satisfaction, and even our continuing education about Italy. We have no doubt that he embraces his other clients with the same energy, honesty, trust and determination.

Donald and Denise Culp, United States - email:

Beth & Nigel

'We have always found Massimiliano De Benetti to be both professional and approachable. Throughout a protracted and complex project, Max has been a source of support and knowledge. We could not have bought and renovated our beautiful house in Italy without him. Our trust has been very well rewarded.'

Beth and Nigel Walsh (UK)


Massimiliano de Benetti has been our Italian lawyer since 2007 and he and his colleagues have always given complete satisfaction. Initially he managed the conveyancing of our apartment purchase in Venice. Subsequently we've had advice and services concerned with planning issues, representation over legal issues in condominium meetings, representations to the tax authorities, personal wills, Discretionary Trust law, and a host of day to day things where he has been readily available at the end of a phone. It has given us great peace of mind to have the friendly and professional back-up services of Max and his team.

Professor Peter Davies CBE - London (UK) email:


A client since 2008, I have always found De Benetti & Co. to be fully committed to serving and protecting the interests of their clients. Massimiliano is knowledgeable, professional, and dedicated, advocating for his clients and their needs with an equal balance of tenacity and wisdom. I can rest assured that any matter in which I might need to call on De Benetti & Co. for assistance would be handled with all the due care and diligence I would need.

Jaclyn Reding - Boston (USA) email:


'Having no Italian and being rather phobic of financial and legal matters I was very happy to use Massimiliano to oversee my property purchase in Venice. I left everything to him from negotiating the purchase to arranging an Italian mortgage for me with Barclays and even insuring the property for me. It was a pleasure to work with someone more approachable and pleasant than the doddering dickension solicitors you often have to rely on in the UK. I have no hesitation in recommending his services.'

David Willis - London (UK) - email:

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